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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket 1. When did you start writing for Wrath Passion?

07/07/07 , I wrote 'Forpesta', and came up with
the idea about the whole Wrath Passion concept.

After ages experimenting musically,
the time was ready to check out the response

2. What are some of your favorite responses so far?

Positive response from other musicians are great,
especially from people that write and record everything themselves.
Also metal-heads from around the world that likes
the music. The response from Infest Records
are in deed among the favorite.
And the first review of the cd are a great
response that I appreciate very much.

3. What was the hardest track to record and why?

I dont know the latest songs that was written maybe,
as the work with the project as a whole increased rapidly,
then it would be 'King of Destruction'.

4. What are your favourite tracks on the new album?

Corvus Corax because after my opinion is brings the undefinable
feeling that I think black metal is all about musically form the first second.
+ that it is very progressive in its structure,
the only theme that is played twice is the theme at the start.
It comes again as the second last part followed by a 3/4 beat composition by the
norwegian composer Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) used as outro.
The demonic vocals by Orv von Draugsang is also a major reason for favorizing this song.

5. Are any of the tracks personal in any way?

All of them have their own story and life so to say,
but the more complex and varied a composition is the deeper
into the personality it reflects.

6. How long does it take to record one of these songs?

From 4-6 hours to several days or weeks...

7. What are your plans after the album is released?

Start writing more music.

8. Will there be any touring? When will you start?

Not any touring, yet.
It would require more songs and more bandmembers.

9. In Norway. How big is the Black Metal scene?
Do you think you will be a big hit?

Not big at all from where I'm located,
I have no intentions in the norwegian market.

10. Do you think Black Metal Fans are into the
music or into the idea of Satanism?

Both and several other 'orientations', but the music are most important

11. Many People think of Satanism, War, Hatred when it comes to Black metal. What is your view on that?

Yeah, I agree, hehe. It's a long tradition in the
metalgenre as a whole of focusing on these themes,
and there's no exeption in black metal.

12. When are Where can we get ahold of the album?

Preorders are up for example, at RuneFire Records,
and it will be possible to get it by contacting
Wrath Passion on myspace.

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