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*First Off, tell me a little about Lilac:The Vampiress

~ Well so far it's just me... My nickname is Lilac, and I love Vampires, thus the name... I was kind of tired of looking around for a band so I decided to hit the solo career...

*When did you start writing for Lilac: The Vampiress?

~Oh I've been writing songs forever, the oldest song I'm using is at least two maybe even three years old...

*I see that you listed yourself in the genres Gothic, country, and Rock. Will you be combing this styles in your music?

~Most likely, I love Gothic and Rock and they match evenly together, but I'm a down home southern girl... I love Johnny Cash and singers like Miranda Lambert... So I have to include them as well, and I was told I should go into Country, but I mixed it in, I can't turn my back on the rest of them, you know?

*Aside from writing your lyrics, do you also write the music?

I write the tunes, I haven't got heavily invovled with it since I don't actually have a band yet... I feel it's up to the band to match their music and souls with my lyrics and my tunes... the way we think it should be done... It's all about teamwork

*What song(s) do you believe were the hardest to write? Why?

~ The hardest songs would have to be "Blood and Rain" and "Stand Still Look Pretty"... I was sitting in class trying to do my work and write them at the same time when they were still fresh in my head...

*What are the main influnces in your music?

~I hear music sometimes, and don't even know who it is... but I guess The 69 Eyes, HIM, Johnny Cash and even Avril Lavinge... her old stuff, in my opinion I like her old stuff better... but there are alot of others I get ideas from, are from real life stuff, and you'll see some of them in my lyrics...

*Do you think myspace well help you promote Lilac: The Vampiress?

~I truely hope so, That was the main point of putting it on myspace (laughing a bit) I was like well if other people can do it, I can to...

*Since you are a Solo Vocalist are you hoping to add more to the band?

~Yes I have friends in other bands that might help me, might not, I know a few guitarist and some bassists, But if I do get big, I know I'll get hooked up with a band... so I'm just singing my heart out...

*Will you be prefoming soon? (talent shows,parties, etc,.)

~I happen to be in my School's Chorus and we do alot of 'tours', but yes I might be singing a duet with my friend Lizzie... 'Don't fear The Reaper' - HIM style... if I get enough time to practice