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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket 1.) First off, tell me more about Bukkake Bath?
Basically, bukkakebath is a little one-man-band project I started not so long ago.
The name of the band as been taken of a Japanese sexual practise wich consist in a
woman taking a bath in a lot of sperm. In Japan, bukkake mean a face wich is totally
covered in ton of cum and you know what is a bath right? Then you'll understand the
nature of this practise.

2.) How did you come up with your stage name 'cum shooter'?
I cum (:D) up with this stage name after a long decision period. Since Im doing an
Acoustic Pornogrind band, I was having to come up with a stage name that fit in the
atmosphere. I wasn't wanting something ordinary like: BitchFucker or CuntSniffer.
No, I was wanting something that was 1.Related to porn and 2.Related to the name
of the band.

3.) Where do you come up with the songs?
Im listening to some good other Pornogrind band, looking at some porn movies and
listening to the news. While doing research on the Net, I can come across a new
sexual practise that is really fucked up and then, melt everything in my brain
and it come up with the result you know.

4.) How long does it take you to record and write a song?
Usually the writing don't take long. Something like 5-6 minutes for each songs.
The thing that is the more longer is the recording. Since im recording my songs
with an mp3 player mic, the battery die and Im a student so the school is
a very important factor in the time. But usually take about 2-3 weeks for each

5.) Why do you wear a mask? Does it have a meaning or you just wear it for the fuck of it?
Im wearing a mask to not bean reconized. To be more mysterious. I always found that
mystery is an exiting thing and that it gave a little something more to the experience
that is bukkakebath.

6.) How long have you been doing BB?
The first Myspace that Ive created for the band as been created in the beginning of
August. Then, I got banned and I created another Myspace for the band wich is the one
that is currently up. So ive been on BB for 5 months now.

7.) When did you come up with ideas for BB?
Ive came up with the idea for BB after an intensive day of only listening to
SPERMSWAMP wich is my mentor. I would not be doing BB without him and I greatly thank
him for that.

8.) Where can we purchase your albums?
You can get them for totally free on the official myspace: