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How is the recording for your forthcoming album coming

Its moving along great, I wish we could have recorded
it faster though, but since Gjallar and Liedheim has
jobs we have to concentrate and record on weekends
only. But so far we are done with the basics on 3
songs and I guess that we will finish 3-4 more this

Explain the process of recording one of your songs.

We start with rehearsing the song that we want to
record a couple of times, since we r recording the
basics live its important that we dont mess up, and
well, I like those first take recordings. When we r
done with this I will record the bass and lead-guitars
at home together with Aamoth. The last thing we do is
to record the vocals and I guess this will be done
between christmas and new years eve. We dont celebrate
christmas so we believe its a really great time to be

What inspires you to write the lryics and music?

Well, Gjallar has to answer the lyrical part, but I
get the most inspiration when Im sleeping since I have
nightmares every night. So I try to transform what I
have been dreaming about into music. But at the same
time everything in life inspires me, from other bands
to religion and things I see on tv.
I get most of my inspiration by reading old Swedish
poems, stories etc. But then again, sometimes a stroll
through the forest is all one needs to clear one's
head. Nature is a great inspiration to me.

How long does it take to write one song? (lyric wise)

It all depends. Sometimes it completely flows and
sometimes I really have to struggle. But then I
usually leave the lyric and get back to it later.
Creativity isn't something that can be forced - it has
to flow. For one of the lyrics on the demo, I spent
close to four months completing and then we still had
to change a few things when it was time for the

What do you plan on accompolishing with the band?

Nothing. If we can release our music and find people
that wants to buy it, thats fine. If we manages to
change someones point of view regarding yehowah or
Lucifer thats fine. Were doing this for ourselves and
Lucifer. If I wouldnt be writing music, I would be

Is Nidrike all for the music or all for the religion?

It depends, I mean, I dont sit and scream to Lucifer
when Im writing songs but of course Lucifer is a great
inspiration and guiding flame in my life. The music of
Nidrike is about an inner struggle towards and against
christ, yehowah, mohammed and all other weak fuckin
bullshit crapfuckers. I try to live my life in a true
Luciferic matter, but theses weak fuckin relegions
keeps to piss me of. I mean, I can accept other
people, I dont care if you r black or white or yellow
or fuckin blue, if you show me respect I will show you
respect, but those christian whores are so fucked up
and are living inside their own little pathetic world
where everything thats different is wrong! Fuck them,
burn them down ffs. So, yeah. Nidrike is a extreme
blackmetal band with an inner core of hatred against
religions. I answer only to Lucifer, the rest of them
will burn.

Do you think black metal should go back underground or
become commercial? (for example: Cradle of Filth.
Dimmu Borgir..etc.,)

I dont care cause thats not my problem. Sure, Nidrike
will never give in for the lust of money or getting
best or biggest. Music isnt about that. But I listen
to Dimmu Borgir, both old and new, the latest album is
fuckin great. CoF, well, Sure, I listened to them when
Vempire and Dusk and her embrace came out but after
that I dont really know. The main question here is
regarding if these bands are playing Blackmetal?! I
dont think so, Sure Dimmu has some lyrics about
Lucifer, but is that all it takes to be a blackmetal
band? Or that you scream and grind in the songs?! For
me its about the inner flame and I dont thing any of
those bands has that inne flame. When you start
playing music with the intention of making it big and
be the best you cant be blackmetal, cause then you
will lose the inne flame. True blackmetal will always
be about the truthness of the music.

Are you guys planning to tour?

No, we dont play live.

Do you think you will become a big underground hit in

No, we dont want to become a hit anywhere, not even in
the so called “underground”.
Hell no!

Where can we listen and purchase any of Nidrikes

(Gorgoth) - Here you can listen and find
info regarding our album “Blodsarv”.

Thank you,

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