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Q: How did Funera begin?

A: Bloodfrost:Back when I was still in a black metal
band called Buried By time and Dust, I started this
project to record some of the stuff all by myself...

Q: Tell me more about Funera and what you aim to

A: Bloodfrost:Funera is pretty much all my hate,
depression, and misery poured into one nice funeral
doom package, with a little black metal and noise
thrown in there... I want my pain to be inflicted on
others...let them see what its like...

A: Melancole:I’m pretty much with Bloodfrost... I just
joined, so I don’t know what it will be like working
with him I only know what it’s like talking to him

Q: What was the hardest track to record on Beyond the
mirror of lifes illusion?

A: Bloodfrost:...Probably negativity...It took me
forever to get the right tone on everything...

Q: Are any of the songs personal in any way?

A: Bloodfrost:All of them... Views of a ruined life,
and Scars Blood and Oppression especially...

A: Melancole:There a lot of stories behind some of the
songs I’m writing as well

Q: What is the process of recording one of your songs.
How long does it take to finalize it?

A: Bloodfrost:I start with the drum tracks, then
record guitars, then I record the vocals...The whole
process takes about 1 or 2 days per song...But now,
Melancole sends me her bass tracks now. That she
records..Me and melancole have an equal say in the
song writing, and I love some of her writing styles...

Q: What inspires you to write the songs you do?

A: Bloodfrost: Negativity, pain, hate, depression,
winter, mental asylums... I’m not inspired by anything
happy or positive.... I just can’t write songs when
I’m happy...I’m also inspired by my past

A: Melancole:Mostly my past experiences with people,
kinda funny. The more you try and get away from
people, the more likely you are to have your back
stabbed...People make me sick.

Q: What do you plan on accomplishing with the band?

A: Bloodfrost: Fuck up as many lives as possible,
mines been permanently screwed up, so why shouldn’t
others know what it’s like to feel real pain...So what
if your boyfriend of 3 days broke up with you, let you
see what real pain is like...

A: Melancole:I hate the world, I’m on the same mission
as Bloodfrost, I got put in an asylum at age 13, and
didn’t get out until when I was 17, and it was for no
reason at mother just wanted a place to drop
me...I hate this world and everyone in it, and I want
my pain to be inflicted on others...

Q: What is your view on Black Metal today?

A: Bloodfrost-Funera is not a black metal band...But I
love today’s black metal scene,to me, for every
norwegian band, there are 1000 bands in the
underground that will kick there ass(es)...But I also
hate the various Darkthrone and Burzum clones out
there...Fuck them...And a lot of bands don’t respect
the old school sound...I’m fairly open minded about
music, but when it’s cheapened to the point where any
12 year old with a cd store gift card can go and pick
up a judas iscariot album...Then go make an imitation
of it...Sorry but that’s just wrong...

A: Melancole-Cheap in value but rich in sound at the
same time...amazing atmospheres,yet easy to get ahold
of...I wont mention any names just to make sure the
underground stays underground

Q: Where can we purchase or listen to your demo(s)?

Bloodfrost: I played all the instruments on the first
demo...Melancole just joined about a half month ago...