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1. How did Dark Monarchy Begin?

Dark Monarchy began crafting black metal in the summer of 2001. It began as a very personal expression with no real aspirations, and has since then evolved into a more traditional incarnation, with regular recordings, performances and rehearsals. Though we now operate on a more professional level than in our genesis, the intention and spiritual connection shall always remain.

2. What makes Dark Monarchy stand out from any other underground black metal band?

We regard a distinctive "sound" very highly. In all facets, we aim to portray black metal as something different: art that is spiritual, yet devoid of the mundane philosophical dogma dominant in the "scene", songs which is musical, yet not technical to the point of ostentatiousness, and music that is heavy, in the classic sense, and not for the sake of brutality.

3. What inspires you to write the music and lyrics for Dark Monarchy?

Negativity and darkness in all of their forms. We usually find a general theme or a more specific topic and write music inspired by it. Then we write the lyrics accordingly. All of our songs lyrics work on several levels. Most often there is an obvious overtone, with embellishments from historical events or spiritual convictions, and then finally some sort characteristic undertone directly relative to our personal experience is applied which gives the song true depth.

4. Are any of the songs personal?

Yes. It would be fair to say all of them are. The underlying personal resonance and the considerably open premise make for a potent collective. This is the true strength of the art, an equality of the medium and the means. Each song has its specific association to my life, and that is why my conviction to my craft is unmistakable.

5. What is the process of recording one of your songs? How long does it take you finish a track?

We work in the order of theme, music and then lyrics. It usually takes a week to accomplish these things and we will rehearse them for months making minor changes before recording them, while being careful not to ruin the original inspiration or spontaneity of the initial vision.

6.Which is by far your favorite track that you guys have recorded and why?

"Deliverance and the Devil's Rope" is perhaps my favorite to perform live, because it has a very distinct darkness to it. I wrote it at a particularly negative point in my life, and it still invokes the feelings of sorrow, hatred and disgust that originally inspired it. "Necrowinter" is another I am very proud of because it is such a departure from all of the material that predates it. There is a sense healthy creative darkness to it, which I wish to further in our future works.

7. Do you guys have any rituals that you do before playing onstage?

For us, the performance itself is a ritual of sorts. To share our craft in such an intense outlet, is the ultimate act of self-expression. Certain meditations and substance use practices enhance our inclination and presence on the stage, as well as simply being around each other, and getting a collective mindset beforehand.

8. How do you feel when you are playing on stage?

At the risk of sounding cliché' it is a very spiritual channel. It is the culmination of months of craft and determination as well as a focused transmission of our primal aggressive nature and devotion to our art.

9. How do you take the reactions you get after the show?

We try to distance ourselves from any pompous perceptions that we as musicians are doing some great service to listeners. We are humble purveyors of our craft, who consider ourselves very fortunate to have a fanbase and willing audience anywhere. This is in no way an insult to your question, just our honest answer. After performance we sell merch and carry on as we had before the show. Any and all praise is greatly appreciated but it does not validate what we do and is certainly not sought after.

10. Any upcoming tour dates?

None at this point. We will be playing various fests in '08, and expanding our contagion across the country to best of our ability.

11. Are you guys considering touring the US any time soon?

We are a true working class metal band, and virtually everything we do is funded by the inner circle of this band, so things of that nature, are costly and require time away from our full time work schedules. Of course when the need for exposure and practicality of such an endeavor outweighs the demands our lives have, it is something we look forward to.

12. Where could fans order any of your three albums? How much are each?

The cheapest and most direct, yet often overlooked means of obtaining our material is through our site,, where each of the demo's are $5 and the album is $10. Other reliable online outlets include and the Open Grave Records shop. Galaxy CD's in Hamilton, OH has been spreading our name for years, so if I could persuade anyone in the Midwest to make the drive I surely would. I thank you for the time and opportunity to promote my music.