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1. How did Prayer of the dying begin?
Prayer of the Dying began after a ten year period in which I was in various bands experimenting with diverse genres. The other band members I was in were inclined towards other scenes, and since the Black Metal / Old School scene is what i`m really into, I decided to quit the last band I was in, so that I could experiment in what I like most, and do something of my own.

2. Expalin how you came up with the bands name, what is the meaning behind it?
There is no hidden meaning behind the name, actually I think that it explains itself all along. The only certainty in life, is our death, and when the time comes we all would wish to be given the chance, or be able to utter a prayer , whatever our creed is. The prayer in itself won`t give no second chance to anyone, but it surely eases the dying.

3. How is the recording for the sarratum/P.O.T.D split cd coming along?
The split is ready, both bands, and including the label, Necrogoat Heresy Productions. The last finishing touches which are still on hold, are being taken care of by the label, and we are looking at a release in the near future. I`d also like to say that it is an honour for POTD, to share a CD with Sarratum.

4. What inspires you to write the songs and lyrics for P.O.T.D?
What inspires me is everyday life; the things that I go through and the shit I have to go through, and not just me, but also other people`s experience who are close to me.

5. How long is the writing process for one album?
I can`t answer that precisely as every song has a story of its own. I can say that Structures of a Dying Matter took me between 3 and 4 months . I do not push myself to write, but I let the inspiration come by itself. I can sometimes inspire myself from any given mood which would reflect my feeling in that particular moment. I like this way of writing as it makes every riff, every beat, much more personal.

6. what do you aim on accomplishing with the band?
I don`t really have a fixed target. My satisfaction is when I get genuine positive feedback from an underground fan. If he`d be into Old School and Black Metal, so much the better.

7 .Is Satan an inspiration in your music? Why or Why Not?
No, not at all. I do not follow any religion, nor do I abide by any religious sects. I have no gods, there`s just me , my family and my music. I`m totally against religious extremists.

8. Are any of your songs personal?
Yes, I can never refrain from stressing out that my tracks are personal.

9.What makes you stand out from other underground Black Metal bands?
I think that one way in which POTD stand out from most other bands, is that rather than writing songs for the sake musical ability and technique, I take a different direction, by which I strive to capture moods, even more so that feelings, at times. I do not have anything against bands with a more technical approach, as after all this was my playing when I recorded with my previous bands. POTD also stands out from most bands due to my production. I like that raw production from the early days of Black Metal. I certainly do not associate polished production with Black Metal.
10.Where can we purchase Any P.O.T.D merchindise?

10.Where can we purchase Any P.O.T.D merchindise?
My merchandise can be ordered from: or

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you , Kitty, and all the people who support me and the underground scene. Let the flame burn ….. FOREVER !